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Moving to Hawaii? Register your car online!  CLICK HERE!

NOTICE: Now you can register your vehicle online and receive Hawaii license plates, title & registration anywhere on the U.S Mainland BEFORE YOU SHIP the vehicle.



Mainland Vehicles already in Hawaii

If the vehicle is not yet in Hawaii then go here.

Aloha Vehicle Registration Online will file the required forms for you and explain the steps that are necessary for you to take in order to conform to the State of Hawaii regulations concerning the registration of Out-of-State vehicles.

Please be aware that there are severe fines for noncompliance. The first step, and the most important, is to obtain Hawaii No-Fault auto Insurance. The fact that you have insurance on the Mainland DOES NOT mean that you are insured in Hawaii. Most of the companies that operate on the Mainland are not licensed to sell insurance here.

Your vehicle cannot be registered unless you obtain Hawaii No-Fault Auto Insurance.

Temporary permit to operate vehicle with out-of State plates until they expire

Aloha Vehicle Registration Online can file the necessary forms and explain the steps required to obtain an out of state vehicle permit. This permit is required within 10 days of your carís arrival on the island or the initial fine is $65. The fine for no current safety inspection is $40, and itís $1000 for not having current Hawaii no-fault insurance. To file an out of state vehicle permit at Aloha Vehicle Registration, please bring with you:

  • Current safety inspection certificate
  • A bill of lading or shipping receipt from the shipping company
  • Your current out-of state-registration
  • Hawaii no-fault insurance card

To obtain no-fault insurance, safety and registration, proceed in this order:

  1. First obtain Hawaii no-fault insurance. (we can set you up with an agent right away).
  2. You need the insurance card for a safety check. The safety check will be conditional (a blue copy) pending registration.
  3. You need the insurance card and safety inspection to get your registration or permit. Then take the registration back to the service station to sign off on the safety showing you have registered the car. You then receive the pink and yellow copies of the safety showing the car is safety inspected for one year from date of inspection.

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