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NOTICE: Now you can register your vehicle online and receive Hawaii license plates, title & registration anywhere on the U.S Mainland BEFORE YOU SHIP the vehicle.



The Aloha State now offers the most innovative method to register and plate vehicles that are being shipped to Hawaii from the US Mainland or anywhere in the world! (Vehicles must comply with EPA and customs requirements).

Q. Why do you offer Special Processing service?

A. Many people who move to Hawaii also ship their cars, however, they may not be aware of our laws and the numerous regulations that they must adhere to in order to register their vehicle. Example, if they exceed 30 days, they can receive many traffic citations. We understand the stress a person can be under when re-locating, especially to Hawaii. We offer special processing to expedite the registration and licensing process and to make sure that the owner of the vehicle obtains registration without receiving any citations. We really do hold your hand!

Q. I filled out your on-line form, where is my registration package?

A. You never faxed in the registration from your current State.

Q. I lost my Certificate of Registration. What can I do now?

A. The Certificate of Registration from your current State is the key document that is used by the State of Hawaii to register your vehicle. You will need to go to any DMV office in your area and obtain a duplicate. There are no exceptions.

 Q. Do you provide shipping information?

 A. Yes, There are only two companies who ship vehicles to the State of Hawaii from the U.S. Mainland. They are Matson Navigation and CXS-Horizon Lines. You can link to them directly on our shipping page. All other vehicle transporters in the USA deliver vehicles to them. We will provide you with all shipping information Free of Charge!

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